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Powerful Simplicity. Fundraising Made Easy.

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Provide an Experience, Not a Product

Family and friends participate in fundraisers because they want to help someone they care about. They don’t want a gimmick product or a beg email, they want to see them succeed. Blast makes it easy for teams to share content with supporters, creating an amazing experience.

Text + Email is better than just Email

Blast is the only online fundraiser with email and text requests for donations and automatic reminders. Emails are easy to ignore, texts are not.

Parent Buy-in

Parents are key to the success of your fundraiser, so don’t make them sell unwanted products like cookie dough or coupon books. If they know their friends and family are getting an enjoyable experience, they will buy in.


Blast is the easiest fundraiser to set up and launch. One hour with the team and some light admin work is all it takes to create a simple and powerful fundraiser.


Unlike our competitors, Blast fundraisers are open all season. Around 10% of our total donations are collected after 30 days. Why lose money because your fundraiser closes?

Grandma’s Fridge

What is on every grandma’s fridge? Pictures of the grandkids. What do supporters really want? To watch their loved ones succeed!

all online = safety

The Blast fundraiser is done entirely online. Kids don’t have to stand in front of grocery stores or knock door to door. Donations are collected online where only the team’s financial admin can access it. Safe and easy.


Teams can enable select members to send their requests for donations out in Spanish or English.

Monthly Recurring + Digital Ad Sales

Blast is the only online fundraiser that enables teams to set up monthly recurring donations or offer digital ad sales. We help programs maximize the money they raise in multiple ways.

Raise More, Keep More

Blast consistently raises more than our competitors. We constantly make improvements to help teams maximize their fundraising efforts, engage with their donors, and build a community. When teams combine fundraising, coverage, and communication on their Blast Athletics Team App, life is easy!

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